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Context Design Studio is a strategic creative practice integrating social innovation with project development and built environment design.

Aimed at achieving greater positive impact our integrated process uses design thinking, human-centered design, and the SEED framework to achieve positive social, economic, and environmental impact.

CDS partners with nonprofit and neighborhood organizations, individual clients, and supports built environment professionals to offer a fully integrated socially innovative approach to project development and the spatial design process. Our mission is to increase sustainability and positive community impact. 

Specializing in strategic planning and predesign consulting CDS supports partners to gain clarity of their vision, develop a contextual framework, and ideation. 


Reimagining the scope of the traditional architectural practice while recognizing the value and capacity of the design process in developing context driven strategies that enable positive change we empower our partners with clarity, understanding, and community support before engaging traditional (and pricey) design and production services. Our collaborative and engaged process ensures an equitable and inclusive foundation for your projects.


Strategic Planning and Pre-Design (asset assessment, concept design, feasibility, and more…


Engagement and Facilitation (participatory planning and design)


S.E.E.D. Project Certification and Management


Each project is unique and we will tailor each each of these service areas to meeting individual project goals. 

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Amanda Hufford, Founder, AIA Assoc, SEED AP, M.Res, M.Arch


My built environment experience spans every scale of the industry from interior design to urban master planning. My foundation is in environmental design, understanding the connection of place and people. I am committed to designing intentional processes and places which support thriving community. 


As a designer and educator community is at my core and I am passionate about supporting others to develop and organize their visions and ideas into strategies for implementation. Working internationally has developed my perspective and increased my design tool kit allowing me to approach similar situations or challenges in diverse and dynamic ways. I’m strongly inspired by social enterprise in the brand sense, but I have also seen how the approach has supported accessible design, strengthened community,  and reduced carbon footprint in construction. Equally, I use a human centered process to support projects’ success and longevity leading to more cohesive and resilient communities.  


Recognizing students’ desire to approach complex global issues through design I developed the social impact design studio. It is an opportunity to develop and test solutions in the academic studio before applying beyond.


Context Design Studio was formed as an extension of the Social Impact Design Studio and brings our core values of empathy, inclusion, and courageous creativity to project development and the design process. I guide clients through a similar framework with the mission to provides access to innovative design services across sectors, engage communities in the process, and to realize similar projects in a real world context. 

“Amanda approaches a project with powerful ideas and reflections on sustainable development using integrated community models. Amanda brings a sensitive and creative connection and understanding not only of our spatial needs, but our mission.”

“Amanda was there to support from sketching how the place would look to asking key questions and understanding what my goals for the studio are. Since then the studio has thrived and been voted the Triad's best yoga school two years running."

“Amanda is hardworking, dedicated and inspirational. A pleasure to work with. Her knowledge and skill set would benefit a range of projects and her commitment to the task cannot be faltered.”

Jenn Newton, Owner, High Point Yoga School

Victoria Farrow, BArch Course Director, Birmingham City Univeristy

Edem Ossai, Founder and Executive Director, MAYEIN Org

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