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CONTEXT Studio is a social impact design practice empowering clients, partners, and communities. We believe that architectural design can promote and support an organization’s mission for positive impact.

Our approach leverages mission + context + design to deliver meaningful opportunities and spaces. We deliver designs which empower organizations to fulfill their missions and ensure equity, inclusion, and environmental responsibility.


CONTEXT Studio was formed and developed as an extension of the social impact design studio in the internationalized built environment degree courses. The multidisciplinary studio evolved to consider not only developing the physical built environment, but also the ways in which design can support and encourage social impact through enterprise, wellbeing, and education.


Likewise our projects aim to respond to the most pressing social, economic, and environmental issues in communities around the globe.


For nonprofits, social enterprises, and community organizations that need strategic design services CONTEXT Studio is a mission driven social impact design practice that facilitates human centered design opportunities and solutions. Unlike traditional profit driven architecture firms our services are value led and accessible.

What We Do

SPATIAL DESIGN: Our strategic designs empower clients and organizations to fulfill their mission of positive impact in the communities they serve. 


ENGAGEMENT: Our human-centered and participatory approach engages all stakeholders in the design process to ensure equitable and inclusive outcomes.

EDUCATION: We are educators at heart and passionate about empowering change makers with our knowledge and experience.


SEED CERTIFICATION: We are SEED accredited professionals and can work with you to frame, facilitate, and expedite your projects with social, economic, and environmental accountability. We can can prepare and submit your project for evaluation, recognition and certification.

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We envision inclusive spaces which celebrate context and are accessible to all.

Vison, Misson, Values


Traditional architectural design services are accessible by the 2% of the wealthiest. We envision inclusive spaces which celebrate context. We use human-centered and design thinking to frame, facilitate, and achieve projects with positive triple bottom line impact at affordable rates/fees accessible to nonprofits, impact organizations, and communities.


We believe that architectural design can promote and support an organization’s mission for positive impact. Our decisions are guided by the following values:


By embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion we give agency to and hearing the voices of all stakeholders and beneficiaries by celebrating the diverse voices representing and shaping the interests of our communities. Each of our unique and individual assets are welcomed and celebrated.



Our multidisciplinary and diverse cultural backgrounds and experiences have cultivated an intrinsic sense of connection and acceptance.



Working with our partners and stakeholders rather than for them is key to our practice. Our clients and users as experts in their wants and needs.



We endeavor to maximize resources and minimize waste.



Exchange of knowledge and experience through formal and informal teaching and learning opportunities is crucial to arriving at responsible and successful solutions.



Our culture is one of humility, honesty, and transparency.


Courageous Creativity

Fortune follows the bold risk takers!

Who We Are


We are a collaborative collectively trained in the arts, architecture, urban design, and planning in the UK, USA, and Nigeria. The breadth of our experience spans global geography, disciplines, and practice areas.  We are practitioners, researchers, designers and entrepreneurs.


Amanda Hufford MArch, MRes, SEED AP, AIA Assoc

Working at the intersection of architectural design and social enterprise Amanda has diverse experience as a built environment academic and practitioner. Working in this capacity she seeks to empower others (designers, clients, and stakeholders) through creative strategies, participatory design, and enterprise for social impact.


Amanda earned Bachelor of Fine Arts and Professional Masters of Architecture in the United States and concentrating on practice areas of culture and education before moving to New Zealand to gain international experience in architectural practice and begin her academic career at Victoria University of Wellington where she developed unique courses and collaborative design studios as part of the school’s study abroad program and in partnership with the University of Ferrara. 


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Bassey Andah, MArch

Bassey earned a professional degree in architecture in Nigeria before earning a post professional internationalised curriculum masters in architecture in the UK with honors and delivering the student graduation speech. After returning to Nigeria he founded Studio Andah and We Urban. He currently works in architecture and engineering practice while continuing to develop independent product design projects.


Bassey is a self starter who leverages his architectural background with an interest in fashion and nontraditional finance. He seeks to disrupt antiquated and dispirit systems by making desirable and sustainable home ownership available to those currently excluded from traditional lending schemes and paths to procurement.


Partner and work with us to realize projects with positive impact.

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