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Amanda Hufford, Founder, AIA Assoc, SEED AP, M.Res, M.Arch

My built environment experience spans every scale of the industry from interior design to urban master planning. My foundation is in environmental design, understanding the connection of place and people. I am committed to designing intentional processes and places which support thriving community. 


As a designer and educator community is at my core and I am passionate about supporting others to develop and organize their visions and ideas into strategies for implementation. Working internationally has developed my perspective and increased my design tool kit allowing me to approach similar situations or challenges in diverse and dynamic ways. I’m strongly inspired by social enterprise in the brand sense, but I have also seen how the approach has supported accessible design, strengthened community,  and reduced carbon footprint in construction. Equally, I use a human centered process to support projects’ success and longevity leading to more cohesive and resilient communities.  


Recognizing students’ desire to approach complex global issues through design I developed the social impact design studio. It is an opportunity to develop and test solutions in the academic studio before applying beyond.


Context Design Studio was formed as an extension of the Social Impact Design Studio and brings our core values of empathy, inclusion, and courageous creativity to project development and the design process. I guide clients through a similar framework with the mission to provides access to innovative design services across sectors, engage communities in the process, and to realize similar projects in a real world context. 


As a built environment educator I have experience teaching across the allied programmes including; architecture, interior architecture and design, and urban studies.


I am student centered and committed to making teaching and learning environments, learning materials, and experiences inclusive and accessible regardless of learning style, cultural and educational background, and interest within the industry and beyond. 


An evidence based approach to curriculum development and delivery is informed by research grounded in design specific higher education and also evaluates the needs and expectations (as well as discrepancies) between industry, education, and accreditation. I aim to embed learning experiences within professional expectations while providing space for exploration and innovation. 


International experience has expanded my perspective not only towards approaching the practice of designing the built environment but, also towards the learning and development of future practitioners within education, service to the industry, and personal development. 


I am competent and enjoy teaching independently across programmes as well as interdisciplinary and collaboratively. I believe this provides opportunities to participate outside the lines of a particular programme of study while developing necessary skills, provides a high level view of the industry, and simulates the interdependent nature of practice. I have contributed comprehensively to various programmes from construction studies to theory. My recent teaching has centered largely around design studio (undergraduate and graduate architecture, interiors, and urban studies), research methods (architecture and interiors lectures and seminars), independent research projects and theses (architecture and interiors seminars and supervision), Design in Society (lectures and seminars), and Design for Social Impact. 


“Amanda approaches a project with powerful ideas and reflections on sustainable development using integrated community models. Amanda brings a sensitive and creative connection and understanding not only of our spatial needs, but our mission.”

“Amanda was there to support from sketching how the place would look to asking key questions and understanding what my goals for the studio are. Since then the studio has thrived and been voted the Triad's best yoga school two years running."

“Amanda is hardworking, dedicated and inspirational. A pleasure to work with. Her knowledge and skill set would benefit a range of projects and her commitment to the task cannot be faltered.”

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