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Working at the intersection of architectural design and social enterprise Amanda has diverse experience as a built environment academic and practitioner. Working in this capacity she seeks to empower others (designers, clients, and stakeholders) through creative strategies, participatory design, and enterprise for social impact.


Amanda earned Bachelor of Fine Arts and Professional Masters of Architecture in the United States and concentrating on practice areas of culture and education before moving to New Zealand to gain international experience in architectural practice and begin her academic career at Victoria University of Wellington where she developed unique courses and collaborative design studios as part of the school’s study abroad program and in partnership with the University of Ferrara. 


She earned a Masters of Research in the United Kingdom while teaching across multiple design programs at the University of Lincoln, Nottingham Trent University, and Birmingham City University. The role of program director for the Internationalised post professional degrees in architecture and urban studies at the University of Lincoln allowed her to expand her interest in social enterprise and the relationship between deign, enterprise, social justice, and inclusive participatory practices.


Whether in the classroom or professional practice Amanda seeks to develop projects and teaching and learning opportunities which explore bringing social impact into the design process and implementation though social enterprise, community engagement, and participatory design.

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