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SEED | Design for Social, Economic, & Environmental Impact

SEED Project Certification acknowledges our ability to work with clients and communities through collaboration and participation to create positive impact through design, increasing the public value of each project. Certified SEED practitioners have the capacity to understand the greater needs of clients and communities that often lie outside of the traditional scope of the architect.

SEED is a principle-based network of individuals and organizations dedicated to building and supporting a culture of civic responsibility and engagement in the built environment and the public realm. The SEED network is part of a global movement that believes design can support a community from the ground up. 

Why you should work with a SEED accredited profession and develop your project within the SEED Framework?

  • SEED project consulting can frame a project and set out a strategy ensuring that it is in alignment and adheres to your organization’s mission and values.

  • Ensure that the diversity, equity, and inclusion of all stakeholders is considered in the design process and in implementation of projects.

  • To maximize your project’s opportunity for positive social, economic, and environmental impact.

  • The rigor of the framework and evaluation generates measurable and validated data which demonstrates that the project has achieved what it set out to do.

  • Project and evaluation and certification positions your project and connects your organization to a broader network of impact driven projects and organizations thus providing credibility and visibility.

  • Initial registration of a project can provide proof of concept and can be used to attract potential partnerships and secure funding.

  • Positions your project and organization as a change agent for a more just, inclusive, and equitable society.

SEED Certification is granted to a design project after an independent third-party review determines that the social, economic, and environmental outcomes of that project are in keeping with the SEED Mission and Principles.

Benefits of Using the SEED Evaluator

  1. Process: The SEED Evaluator provides a step-by step process for designers and communities to assess challenges, define priorities, set goals, and propose design projects to address critical social, economic, and environmental issues.

  2. Participation: The SEED Evaluator functions as an on-line communication platform that can include multiple stakeholders and diverse community members in decision-making processes. Documentation of broad and diverse participation is a requirement of SEED Certification.

  3. Transparency: The SEED Evaluator allows project participants and stakeholders to track progress towards success on-line and in real time.

  4. Accountability: The SEED Evaluator provides “proof of concept” and documentation that project goals were viable and appropriate for the community served, while the SEED Certification certifies that those goals were met.

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