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BE Well @ High Point Yoga School

Client: High Point Yoga School

Practice Area: Social Enterprise, Product Design & Development, Branding

Location: High Point, North Carolina


When Jenn Newton, the owner of High Point Yoga School and our fearless client, decided to open a yoga studio during the pandemic her goal was to create something more than a brick and mortar studio and class schedule. She knew there would be limitations to accessibility such as class sizes due to social distancing and potentially further closures and curfews.


She wanted to find a way for clients to experience the community created through HPYS away from the physical studio. We worked together first to create a strong mission statement that defined the business’ values and motivation. We used this as the conceptual foundation to create a narrative around a curated personal well-being retail product line that would connect HPYS community members through shared experiences in their homes. The revenue generated by the sale of products allowed Jenn to offer community classes free of charge and to develop special programs which align with the products.


Our client is inspired by North Carolina’s abundant natural resources including gems, minerals, and agricultural heritage. When we combined this inspiration with yogic principles BE Well emerged, a curated collection of candles, healing gems, and essential oil blends which reflect and promote HPYS’s core mission and values.


To learn more about Jenn, High Point Yoga School, and the BE Well products visit


Holistically Sustainable Strategy:

  1. Food industry by-product raw material as an alternative to conventional petroleum/fossil fuel based wax.

  2. Limited and on demand production run to reduce waste and overstock.

  3. Locally sourced materials and production.

  4. Flexibility in Design which reflects client’s narrative and mission.

  5. Giving back to the community by using revenue to fund free community classes.

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