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My Little Tastebuds

Practice Area: Social Enterprise, Project Development, Architectural Design

Location: High Point, North Carolina

Partners: My Little Tastebuds, Context Design Studio



In My Little Tastebuds is a nonprofit organization supporting community health through nutrition and education. Located in High Point, North Carolina My Little Tastebuds seeks to overcome food desert conditions and its effects by educating children and youth on health and nutrition through community cooking classes. Participants are empowered only only through knowledge and nutrition, but also through civic leadership and employable sills. 


Currently operating out of borrowed space executive Director LaPorsha Cain understands the organization’s outreach and impact is limited only by her space. My Little Tastebuds + CDS are partnering on strategic project development viewing program development and spatial design simultaneously so that MLT can realize and scale their mission to realize their vision to mitigate conditions of food scarcity in the community they serve not only through education, but social enterprise, and community.

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