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SEED | Design for Social, Economic, & Environmental Impact 

Context Design Studio approaches projects through the lens of the SEED Framework ensuring that social, economic, and environmental factors are all considered.


Our commitment to applying strategic design as a tool for positive social impact fosters creative and innovative leadership that empowers communities. The understanding gained through collaboration and participation among stakeholders and users often exists outside the traditional scope of the architect. This is the gap we fill. 


Initiatives and interventions are truly successful when they accurately and appropriately address the wants and needs of all. This is how we achieve vibrant, healthy, and resilient communities and places. 

Benefit of Using the SEED Evaluator

Process: a step-by step process for designers and communities to assess challenges, define priorities, set goals, and propose design projects to address critical social, economic, and environmental issues.

Participation: functions as an on-line communication platform that can include multiple stakeholders and diverse community members in decision-making processes. Documentation of broad and diverse participation is a requirement of SEED Certification.

Transparency: allows project participants and stakeholders to track progress towards success on-line and in real time.

Accountability: provides “proof of concept” and documentation that project goals were viable and appropriate for the community served, while the SEED Certification certifies that those goals were met.


SEED Certification is granted to a design project after an independent third-party review determines that the social, economic, and environmental outcomes of that project are in keeping with the SEED Mission and Principles.

“Amanda approaches a project with powerful ideas and reflections on sustainable development using integrated community models. Amanda brings a sensitive and creative connection and understanding not only of our spatial needs, but our mission.”

“Amanda was there to support from sketching how the place would look to asking key questions and understanding what my goals for the studio are. Since then the studio has thrived and been voted the Triad's best yoga school two years running."

“Amanda is hardworking, dedicated and inspirational. A pleasure to work with. Her knowledge and skill set would benefit a range of projects and her commitment to the task cannot be faltered.”

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