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Our Story

Context Design Studio emerged as as an extension of the Social Impact Design Studio our founder developed as director of internationalized curriculum in architecture and urban studies. CDS’ mission is to make strategic design services accessible outside of academia.


The practice is founded on the belief in the potential of design to impact lives beyond the physical intervention whether it’s a product or a space. We embrace and respond to the knowledge and opportunity revealed through the design process itself. Our Integrated approach leads to solutions that benefit the greater good. 


Our approach addresses strategic program development and spatial needs simultaneously. Using design thinking and intervention as a tool, We work with clients and partners who seek to solve the most pressing social, economic, and environmental issues in the communities we serve. 


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Amanda Hufford, Founder, AIA Assoc, SEED AP, M.Res, M.Arch

I am an architectural design educator, researcher, and practitioner with 15 years experience in the built environment industry and higher education. I have enjoyed working internationally across multiple sectors and practice areas.


I am passionate about context and community informed design. Practicing at the intersection of architectural design and social enterprise I enjoy helping others bring their visions into reality by leveraging strategic design + social innovation.

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