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Context Design studio is a value led social innovation design practice. We specialize in employing strategic human centered design opportunities to deliver intentional spaces and places. 


Our mission is to deliver design services that empower clients and organizations to fulfill their missions and maximize impact in the communities they serve.



We offer a palette of project and design consulting options aimed at creating design and development solutions that directly align with your goals and organizational mission. We are SEED Framework accredited practitioners and can help you frame a project idea within principles of human centered design, social enterprise, using socially innovative methods which ensure positive impact.


As SEED accredited practitioners we will develop a strategic roadmap for your project, provide guidance and accountability throughout the process to ensure the project has achieved what it set out to do. For both internal and external projects we can coordinate and submit SEED Framework applications (Parts 1, 2, and 3) on your behalf. [Learn more about SEED]

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We collaborate with “citizen architects" and lead catalytic events that inspire collective action and culture change. Our human-centered and participatory approach engages stakeholders and end users in the design process to ensure equitable and inclusive outcomes.


Community engagement during the planning and design process leads to more cost effective and successful outcomes by empowering users as decision makers and stewards of the spaces and systems that shape their lives.


During ideation participatory design can used to define a project’s program based on intended users’ wants and needs. During development stakeholders and end users can provide valuable feedback on design decisions which improve design quality and reduce risk of failure.



Our focus is public interest and community engaged design. Unlike traditional models interest design professionals address critical issues faced by the communities they serve. Our practice is grounded in the SEED mission, principles, and methodology.


Our strategic approach goes beyond the visual to critically utilize human centered design and community engagement to respond to specific needs or challenges. We believe good design can strengthen communities and generate opportunities that benefit all.


The collaborative nature of our practice allows us to work with clients’ missions, brand, and needs as well as partners to generate strong meaningful concepts, strategic plans, and spaces.

Meet The Team


Amanda Hufford, AIA Assoc, SEED AP, M.Res, M.Arch, Founder

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Working at the intersection of architectural design and social enterprise Amanda has diverse and international experience as a built environment academic and practitioner.


Bassey Andah, Architectural Designer, M.Arch

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Leveraging his architectural background with an interest in product design and nontraditional funding Bassey has previously founded Studio Andah and We Urban.


Let's Work Together

Collaboration is at the core of our practice. We enjoy working with clients and partners to facilitate positive change.

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